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Kinda Creepy...

A whole new series is headed your way. Three new books that are different than you might have thought from the author of the DJ Slaughter Series.

Imagine Stephen King or Dean Koontz writing a detective series.

Yeah, it's kind of like that...

"Twisted" introduces us to Isaiah Black, a newly minted college town detective. There is seldom ever any violent crime in central Oklahoma.

Until now.

But these murders are different. These murders are creepy. The one behind them seems to do the impossible.

How do you catch a serial killer that leaves no forensic evidence behind? At least... none of their own forensic evidence...?

Her mother called Hailey creepy. But how can a 12-year-old be creepy?

Hailey can find things. Oh, not like the normal way. You know, searching and stuff. Hailey can close her eyes and see where something is.

Hailey has powers.

When it is discovered that someone is kidnapping little girls and doing unspeakable things to them, Hailey sets off on a mission to use her powers to make a difference.

In the tiny, picturesque town of Summerfield, a woman had been murdered. Sheriff Angie Aracoma is committed to solving the crime.

There's a witness. His name is Charlie. But there's also a problem.

Charlie can't speak. He can't even draw a picture. He can't even point a finger at the killer to give Angie a clue.

Charlie ends up being the most peculiar witness ever.

All three books are headed your way just in time for summer. But a word of caution: you might want to consider reading these in the light of the bright summer sun.


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