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The DJ Slaughter Series

Follow along as a broken man becomes a nation's best-kept secret.

Slaughter6 NEW Audio.jpg

DJ Slaughter was powerless to prevent the murder of his family right in front of him. It left him bitter and broken, secluded from the world in a remote section of Colorado. His road to recovery has been unique. And now, when evil threatens him again, it finds him just as lethal as those who pursue him.

Slaughter White Out Audio.jpg

Just when DJ thinks his life has found harmony, his pieces put back together with the help of loved ones, a new evil emerges. But this time DJ has met his match. How can he expect to overcome someone who has the same skill set and complete anonymity to go along with it? This time DJ will learn that that to overcome certain obstacles, a team is required. In the end, a unique opportunity presents itself.

Slaughter Skeleton Key Audio.jpg

DJ has a new life and a new team. They have become the most effective tool in the Department of Justice's bag of tricks. But DJ learns all too quickly that choices have consequences. Will those consequences cost the life of someone he cares about? Can he fix the problem he created before it's too late?

Slaughter Free Fall Audio.jpg

DJ has been captured and become the object of a ruthless killer's revenge. Dropped into the middle of nowhere, he is hunted for sport. But men with guns are not the only thing that pursue him. His personal demons are prowling the night, ripping into his mind with a hunger. His team will stop at nothing to save him. But will they be in time?

Slaughter Dark Night Audio.jpg

A shadowy enterprise has infiltrated every aspect of our government. It's hell-bent on starting World War III. What can his team do when they aren't sure whom they can trust? Even the best of friends can sometimes be your deadliest enemy.

Betrayal 5 Audio.jpg

Sometimes the trouble only shows itself after the mission is over. When DJ and crew take on a new mission, everything is not as it seems. On this path to uncover the truth behind a betrayal, the team must make a trip into the past to uncover the secret. There will be sacrifices along the way, and DJ vows to make the guilty pay.

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