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The Wait is Over - Book 3 on Audible

"Slaughter: Skeleton Key" has officially been released on Audible!

After answering numerous emails from audiobook fans, I am pleased to announce that the wait is over. Book 3 finally reveals what this new paradigm with DJ Slaughter and his team of secretive FBI agents looks like, and the look is grim. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT NOW

"Buckle up kids! This thriller will have you racing to the end..."

DJ is a fixer. He sees a problem and he makes it go away in the most expedient way possible. As an elite member of a secret team of FBI whose sole purpose is to combat global terrorism and organized crime, this usually involves putting his finger to the trigger. When he impulsively acts to remedy one problem and save a group of hostages from a criminal kingpin, it sets off a domino-like chain of events that involve terrorists, assassins, and traitors. He soon finds himself up against an adversary that is frustratingly efficient at what he does. His foe is a strategist that seems to have all of the moves covered. And, the clock is ticking. DJ must not only overcome an enemy that is smarter than his whole team combined, but he is on a race against time to avert an event that will claim the lives of thousands.

"In this third novel, DJ finds that there is no amount of spent ammunition that can slay his guilt at being responsible for all of this. If you thought the previous books were good, this one will take your breath away..."

"My advice is to plan the reading of this book on your day off. You aren't going to want to put this thing down. I will not take responsibility for you being so sleepy at work that you cannot get your job done..."

"James just keeps upping his game. This action thriller will grab hold and not let go. How has Simon Schuster not signed this guy yet?…"

"James has delivered once again. Brad Thor, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, and Kyle Mills have company. James has now completely left the kiddie table and is dining with the adults..."

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