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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I am one-third the way through the completion of the 6th Slaughter Series book. I still don't have a title yet, but I thought I would give you a sneak peek of things to come.

She was instructed to head to the lead SUV, and she did so. In her heart, Abbi wanted to start issuing roundhouse kicks to her captors. But instead of dealing out pain, her legs plodded along through the dust, feeling like lead weights were attached. Halfway to the vehicle, things begin to look up. She heard a man’s voice shout, “Hey!” Before she could turn around, there was a single gunshot. When she finished her turn, she saw Ted had dropped the baby carrier and was in the process of falling like a felled tree, the left side of his head a bloody mess. She wasn’t sure where the shot came from, but she wasn’t wasting her opportunity.

Abbi was a person accustomed to getting things done. She never waited around to be told what to do or hoped someone else would do it. So, when she saw Bill frantically looking for the shooter, she placed the toe of her running shoe under his chin with as much force as she could bring to bear. And since she was always thorough with everything she did, she didn’t assume the man was out of the fight, even though Bill was flat on his back, his eyes rolled back in his head indicating he was unconscious. She threw herself high into the air, rolled to her right in midflight, pointed her elbow as best she could due to her restraints, and collapsed on the man, her elbow coming down on the bridge of his nose. The resulting crunching sound warmed her heart to no end. The act also snapped her plastic restraints.

“Wow,” a familiar voice spoke behind her. “Hell hath no fury, right?” She turned her head, looking for the speaker, her savior, and found a man she almost didn’t recognize. His face was bloody. His shirt was bloody. His whole body was a bloody mess. Agent Ali stood there, gun in hand, looking down on her with a fondness in his swollen eyes.

She rolled to her knees and crawled to Cassie, inspecting the child for injury. Other than a few specks of someone else’s blood on her face and clothing, she was fine. Cassie grinned up at her as a snot bubble formed under her nose. She wiped it free with a bit of blanket that had been tucked to one side of the carrier. Abbi didn’t look up at Ali when she spoke. “Half of my team is either dead or injured.” Then she pointed at the open door of the barn. “And they shot Brett.”

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