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Want Another Peek?

I have been hard at work on book 5 and think I am well past the halfway point at nearly 70,000 words. So, in an effort to both wet your whistle and to build excitement, here is a sneak peek into the upcoming Book 5 of the DJ Slaughter series...

Abbi heard shouting outside her door. Opening the door, she was met the Marine guard who had been standing outside her room. The woman instantly stepped in front of her. “Sorry, ma’am,” the guard said. “You have to stay in your room now.”

Abbi peeked around the corner, seeing the President’s grouping of rooms at the far end of the hallway. White-garbed nurses were intermingled with Secret Service and additional Marines. “What’s going on?” she asked the young woman.

The guard shook her head. “Sorry ma’am, it would probably best if I didn’t say.” Abbi looked right her personal Marine, shooting her a perturbed look. The woman hesitated, then leaned closer and spoke in hushed tones. “OK, look, I know you have a laptop in your room. You’ve been communicating with someone on the outside, someone running an investigation on everything that’s been happening. I’m only telling you this because whoever you’ve been talking to should know what’s happening here.” Abbi nodded. “The President collapsed in his quarters moments ago. I heard someone say he wasn’t breathing. A bunch of doctors and such are in there with him right now. That Chief of Staff guy was freaking out.” The guard looked around, hesitating once more. “I… I think the President may be dead.”

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