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Slaughter 4 on Audible

Finally, after 4 1/2 months of being locked in the Audible prison of "review", Book 4 of the Slaughter Series is now available for download. The excuse by Audible was due to reduced staffing thanks to Covid-19. It would sure be nice that a company owned by Amazon with its voluminous deep pockets would not have instituted an automated review process. I should probably be happy that they are actually employing breathing humans with a pulse and kids instead of droids from Star Wars, but I am a selfish and impatient version of that human species, so please forgive me. Regardless, it's up and ready for your listening pleasure. Follow the link below and listen to a five-minute excerpt and see it if it is worthy of your hard-earned money. Or stimulus check. Or extended unemployment benefits. Or the cash you have been hiding under your mattress for a rainy day. Or gold you have been purchasing from Rosalind Capital and hoarding in your prepper's cabin. Regardless, I hope you grace me with some of it. I pray that you are entertained by what you hear during this time of trouble. Chin up, it's almost over. Until then, read/listen to a book. Preferably mine.

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