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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

I just wanted to update you on a view things. Firstly, we are under a final review for the Audible version of Book IV. We expect it to hit the market in about three weeks. (Audible is as slow to release as Carbon is trying to hammer a nail.) So stay tuned for that if you are an Audible fan. Pretty sure you will enjoy it tremendously. Shawn, my narrator, really knocked it out of the park this time.

Secondly, Book V is complete and we have finished the final editing and review process. However, I am delaying release on this so both the Audible, paperback, and ebook versions release at the same time. My expectations is 90 days or so. Stay tuned.

Book V is titled - "Slaughter: Darkest Knight". This time the team finds themselves narrowly escaping their deaths while on a visit to the White House. Newly elected President Shane Tibber has invited the team for a private visit so he can thank them personally for stopping the events of Book V. It is there that an unknown enemy attacks the historic building with a medium-range missile, intending to assassinate the new President. Both the President and the team survive.

The evidence points to a rogue state. The intelligence agencies are sure of it. Congress starts clamoring for war. The media echo the call. But, President Tibber isn't so sure. He enlists Brett, DJ, Cash, Carbon, and Argo to take a different angle and launch a separate investigation. Abbi is excluded because she is about to give birth. Typical of Abbi, she refuses to be sidelined. Not even the birth of their first child will keep her out of the picture.

The team soon learns there is another villain behind the chaos. This one is a real chess player, seeing many moves in advance and planning for every contingency. This dark entity has a long term goal in mind. They have built an elaborate, snaking path of dominoes to reach their black-hearted goal. One event leads to another and the dominoes are already falling. Can DJ and his team figure out a way to stop it before the world is plunged into war?

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