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In Case You Missed It

Book 4 was released about a month and a half ago. Over 500 copies were downloaded on the first day. Wow. For a little ole' indie author like myself, that was pretty cool to see. There were some hiccups in the release as Amazon only released half the book for some reason. I had to yell and scream to get them to fix it, but it looks like everything is cool now. They pushed the full version to the people that only got partials and the good reviews are starting to come in. However, there were a few early reviews from people not realizing they didn't get a full book and that I had released it that way on purpose. They left some bad reviews and I have asked Amazon to take them down. They ignored me. Repeatedly. Oh well, what can you do?

But, if you have not had a chance to check out the fourth book in the series, you really need to check it out. If you are fan, you will like it. Promise.

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