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Finally, Book 5!

"Slaughter: Darkest Knight" is finally available for preorder. Thanks to COVID-19, release was postponed by Amazon. Head here to preorder for US customers. All other countries just do a search for the book title. Audiobook should release around the same date.

Shortly after the inauguration of a new President, there's an attack on the White House. Another country has crossed the line thinking they wouldn't be caught. The US intelligence services are good at their job, however. The evidence is clear and the war drums are beating. There's just one problem. The President doesn't believe them. He's suspicious that the United States is being mislead and lured into conflict. He quietly enlists DJ and his team to run their own investigation. What the off the books team discovers is a conspiracy that no one could suspect. With no help or support, cut off from communications, DJ must not only unravel the mystery, but stop the threat and drag the US away from the brink of World War 3.

REVIEW: "There just doesn't seem to be a bottom to James' imagination. DJ Slaughter continues to be a character you can relate to, and one you hope really exists out there on the front lines keeping us safe. Book 5 was impressive. He continues to be one of my favorite authors."

BOOK REVIEW: “Slaughter continues to live up to its name. This had a few more twists and turns than normal. I was surprised right from the very first chapter. Fast-paced and thrilling. Loved it.”

BOOK REVIEW: “I love how the Slaughter universe keeps expanding and how characters from old find a way to slip back into the mix. The ending of this book was surprising, and I liked how James clued us into the future of the series. Really good stuff.”

BOOK REVIEW: “The development of the characters continues with each new book. Their dynamic becomes even more entertaining as their relationships grow and change. Just like real life. As always, Abbi continues to be a fan favorite for me. I like how James has created a list of characters that we can enjoy outside of DJ Slaughter. I am now totally caught up in this world. Would love to see Netflix or some other streaming service pick this up and make each book into a season. They would make a fortune. The only question is, what actor would play DJ....”

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