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CIA Black Site For Sale

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Now, I'm not kidding...

If you think this is a 5,800 square foot, 5 bedroom home with 6 1/2 baths in an upscale neighborhood in Dallas, you would be wrong. This is a black site for some unnamed three-letter agency. Or rather, a former black site whose cover was blown.

Many have asked how I make my thriller's so realistic. How do I get my motivation? Part of it is by developing contacts that aid me in making my books more authentic.

In my Slaughter series, there is a black site the team use that is a former Air National Guard base. It has been renovated on the outside to be state of the art, but the buildings still look old and run down. I can tell you the run-down and closed base actually exists. It is, of course, not a black site. But the image you see above used to be a black site for some agency. Your guess as to who.

While the outside looks like a home, the inside tells a far more sinister tale. Click the link below to be blown away. Then click the street view of the neighborhood to discover why their cover was blown and they had to relocate.

It is tied to -2- power grids, has a natural gas generator for backup power, and a giant diesel one in case all of those fails. It features blacked-out windows that arent windows at all. They sit in front of a concrete wall to portray the look of a home. There is no garage, and the place is completely wired for an enormous server farm.

And now you know where I get my motivations for some things...

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