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A Sad Day For The Literary World

Speaking as someone who is a repeat offender in the world of grammar and requires constant supervision by a team of incredible proofreaders and editors, this is a sad day. For nearly 20 years retired editor John Richards has dedicated his life to correcting improper punctuation through an organization he founded. The Apostrophe Protection Society has devoted its cause to correcting misplaced apostrophes and other grammatical errors.

He developed a small following who went around correcting signs, billboards, and emailing various businesses and corporations for advertising and signage that violated punctuation rules. It didn't sit well with business owners. They complained in droves, with one butcher shop owner declaring, "Sounds to me like this man wants a bleeding job." The 96-year-old man was even featured in a calendar as Mr. October, and labled as the most boring man in Brittain.

Well, I sadly have to report that John Richards has thrown in the towel. He's given up, declaring us all to be lazy. His website now declares, "The ignorance and laziness of modern times have won!"

Every one of us has witnessed horribly written texts and social media posts. We have probably been guilty a few times of committing a grammar crime ourselves. With people like Mr. Richards throwing up their hands and not keeping us on our toes, the onus falls on us to be more responsible with our written words.

Sad day. R.I.P. Mr. Richards.

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