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3 Big Things

I know your life is busy right now. Some of you are worried. Either because you have lost your job, or you are concerned with protests that have turned into riots. Those are concerning, no doubt. My own wife lost her job and those riots exist in my home town as well. Take a breath. It will pass. Adversity always does. I have a few things to take your mind off of things you have little control over. In case you have missed it, I have three big things going on right now; three things to put a smile on your face; three things to make you feel better about life.

First up, I have teamed up with 21 other writers of thrillers. Each one is not only a great writer, but, just like myself, they are veterans from every branch of service. We have contributed one book apiece to form an anthology of 22 complete novels. We are selling all 22 books for only $9.99. AND WE DON'T GET ONE RED CENT FROM THE PROCEEDS. Instead, we are giving all of that money to 4 great charity groups devoted to veterans. Our goal is to raise $100,000. It will be divided up between the following organizations: Southeastern Gude Dogs, The Lone Survivor Foundation, The Gary Sinise Foundation, and Operation Renewed Hope. Now, come on, you have to admit that this is a worthy use of your time and money. Not only are you helping our wounded veterans, but you are getting 22 novels for only $10. Find out more here.

Book 4 of the Slaughter Series is out on Audible. I know there is a ton of people who love the concept of audiobooks. You can relax and enjoy driving to work, stretched out in a hammock with a cup of coffee, or performing odd-jobs around the house. With book 4, narrator Shawn Milochik is at his best as he weaves the tale of DJ, seemingly on his own, hunted by an international criminal obsessed by vengeance. Not only must he overcome the impossible odds of facing off against killers with a bottomless well of assets, but he must go to war with the demons in his own mind. PTSD is a killer in its own right. Listen to a sample here.

Book 5 is available for prerelease right now. Slaughter: Darkest Knight might be the best one yet. Shortly after the inauguration of a new President, there's an attack on the White House. Another country has crossed the line thinking they wouldn't be caught. The US intelligence services are good at their job, however. The evidence is clear and the war drums are beating. There's just one problem. The President doesn't believe them. He's suspicious that the United States is being mislead and lured into conflict. He quietly enlists DJ and his team to run their own investigation. What the off-the-books team discovers is a conspiracy that no one could suspect. With no help or support, cut off from communications, DJ must not only unravel the mystery, but stop the threat and drag the US away from the brink of World War 3. Click here for the US link. If you are in another country, just search for Slaughter: Darkest Knight from your Amazon website.

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